Friday, December 21, 2007

What does Penny think of her New Sister?

Some days I do believe this is what is running through Penny's mind. We're going on the second week with the girls together. Nine days ago we drove to Connecticut with Maggie to pick up Penny from hunting camp. Penny was very happy to see us, but wasn't sure about the brown squirt following us around. Penny was out of sorts because she jammed her foot hunting and wasn't feeling 100%.

We returned home trying to beat an ice storm home. Maggie was happy in Penny's old crate and Penny lounged out in the other back of the car. Maggie traveled home happily. Penny hyperventilated most of the way home. Penny occasionally still has a problem with traveling. She got car sick as a puppy.

At home we soaked Penny's foot while Maggie "helped".

At the end of the day, the girls were all worn out.
Both girls are probably dreaming about birdies!

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kerrip said...

actually I have been thinking of Penny a lot, so thanks for the update on how she's adjusting to such an adorable, lovable newcomer... and I think you SHOULD just decorate her! -- I am actually thrilled that I managed to make cards this year, and also mail them before the holiday, which is a bigger accomplishment for me!!!