Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reflection: An Eternal Optimist?

Kerri called me an eternal optimist in her comment on the Christmas post. I thought about this comment a bit and don't know if I totally agree. I am in fact very pessimistic at times. My profession requires me to anticipate problems before they happen so they can be prevented. Even on the farm I have to look at everything as a potential hazard so I can keep people and animals as safe as one can on a farm. So in these capacities I'm a flaming pessimist.

However, I do know that my life is truly blessed and no matter how busy I am I try to remember this important fact every day and thank God and the Universe for all these blessings. Life is GREAT. Even if we and our house smell like, as Kerri put it, "smoked sausages." This fact does make the dogs happy! ;)

And at least my hair didn't catch on fire... or perhaps it would have been an improvement. Why did I come up with this illo? I don't know, perhaps the line from Top Gun about "you won't be happy unless you're flying at Mach 2 with your hair on fire." Or something like that. It is just when you are trying to close the damper above a roaring fire it is hard to resist the temptation to stick your head in to look at what's going on. And what exactly happened? Today Len unsealed and opened the glass doors to find the damper had merely slammed shut. No damage: just a really big mess. Needless to say I will need to clean the inside of the glass doors. A hot fire should burn off most of the carbon on the inside brick lining. We'll clean out the fireplace Saturday and try again. Hum, perhaps we are eternal optimists ;).

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kerrip said...

Very glad your hair didn't catch fire!! ...and I think that having to anticipate and plan for potential catastrophe makes you practical and realistic, rather than pessimistic. I think a pessimist is someone who has it good and still sees the worst -or something liket that. I'll ask Scott. (ha ha)