Sunday, December 23, 2007

Penny's Outlook Improves

Penny is finally getting a better outlook on life.

Those of you following my blog knows that Penny's nose has been a bit out of joint since she returned home to find it was invaded by a little brown "turd." Our trainer actually has a more descriptive phrase to describe Penny's state: she has "a hair across her @$$." But she's getting better as you can see from these photos.

Penny has gone from pretending that Maggie is not there to pretending that she really doesn't want to play with her when in fact, she does and is nonchalantly instigating play.

It will still be a time before they are "buds" like Penny is with Molly (or Maggie is already with Molly). But Penny is sorting out the advantages to having a new sister. Penny now gets fed lunch again and get some yummy wet food. Today we took them both to the vet and Penny got to sit on the floor and get fed treats while Maggie got shots with HER treats.

Luckily Maggie is smart enough to know her place in the house.
Life is not that bad after all for the Poodle Princess.


Cheryl Finley: said...

Oh Debbie,
This is some soap opera, yet very sweet. You narrate it well; and wow..we can learn from the pooches, huh? Anyway...I discovered your blog a few months ago..added it to my links..then today I decided to feature you in my January Spotlight! Thought you'd wana know:

I love your work..and I'm s glad you're not wasting that Insanity!!
Keep shinin' my dear...I'll be back! And give a hug to the 3 amigos for me :)
:) Cheryl

kerrip said...

I agree with Cheryl! you do narrate well, and you have such wonderful stories to tell. They are very sweet together. Oh, gosh, am I thinking of a second schnauzer? Um. Nope!

Going For Greatness said...

The girls look sooo sweet together though there's a hint of "oh jeez!" that I see in Penny! LOL I know the feeling well, Dear Penny!! HAHAH!!
She'll come to love her sister and be beside herself if they are, at some point, separated for any reason! I think Maggie is the perfect addition to the family and I think Penny knows it!!
X's and O's!