Saturday, December 22, 2007

The More the Merrier?

Just when Penny thought her life couldn't get any worse...

Two days after Penny came home to find it taken over by a little brown squirt, we needed to dog sit Molly due to a family emergency. Now there were TWO dogs in HER house! At that point Penny sort of just totally "gave up". I found her behind the sofa trying to pack a bag. Hard to do with an injured front paw. Her next step would have been to type a "Good-bye" note on my Mac laptop.

Maggie, however, looked at the new situation as she does with everything in life: as an opportunity. An opportunity to hang out with a new playmate! One that would actually play with her!!

And fight with!

Dogs in cars: the three amigos on a short trip to the store.

What is a Labrador to do when the poodle hogs the back seat?

Molly was the one who taught Penny
how to ask for permission to come up on the stool.
Can you tell?
And she'll teach Maggie (when Maggie's tall enough!)


sgaynor said...

Thank you for the doggie fix. I so miss having a little one about the house, it has been 3 years! We babysit for friends now and again, but there is nothing like that unconditional love. We have a beloved lab, so I love Molly's expressions. Lab's will tell you everything you need to know with their eyes!

Enjoy the were little too once.


kerrip said...

Gone to the dogs, you all are. What great pics!!!

Going For Greatness said...

Omg I LOVE the car pictures!!!! They have the get-up don't they?! Love their doggy car seats and their blankets! Mackie thinks Maggie needs a pink one and that she just should NOT be wearing blue!!
"mommy, everyone is going to call Maggie, a 'he' dog! Tell Debbie that blue is for boys!"
Crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the things kids say.... and notice!