Thursday, December 20, 2007

Maggie's First Bird

Nine days ago we went to pick Penny up from "camp". It was the first time she met her new sister. We brought Maggie with us. Maggie is a very easy traveler - she just happily flopped on her back in her crate and enjoyed the four hour ride. Jennifer had time for a puppy lesson so we sat and went over the important basics of raising a puppy - starting from the beginning to train her to be a hunting dog. Being our first dog (and never working with a hunting dog), we made so many mistakes with poor Penny - what a patient soul she has been! The last five minutes of the lesson was Maggie's introduction to her first birds.

As you can see, Maggie was ready to go. She displayed great bird drive. No worries for all you bird lovers - the birds were not injured at all. Jenny just positioned their wings so they couldn't fly for a few moments and Maggie could follow their scent on the ground. The birds then flew off - and Maggie marked them as they flew up in a tree. She's going to be a great little birder!!

Hey you - bird brain - wanna play?

Come on, come on, play with me!! RUN!

Mine, mine, MINE!! Ah-come on, let me have it!!

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kerrip said...

Just like raising the second child - all the mistakes are made with the first, and by the second, parents know what they're doing. (did I mention I am a 'first' child? explains a lot!!)