Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mad Scientist

I've been compiling my intentions list for 2008 and one of them is an intention I've had all this year: to incorporate more fibers into my work as I did on my poodle piece. I use to embroidery free hand a lot as a teenager. The Hippie fashion at that time were ripped, faded jeans. My Dad rode me on why I'd want to wear jeans to school - how he would be embarrassed to wear his "work" clothes to school. Well, a common dialog between parents and teenagers over fashion. I embellished my jeans with all sorts of embroidered figures. I don't have any of those jeans, but I did just find an old lab coat from college with this little guy on the pocket. He was modeled after my freshman chemistry Prof. So hopefully you will see some embroidery in my artwork this year. Stay tuned.

Oh and I just realized this is my 200th post! I flew by my 100th without notice and almost did the same with this one. My, time flys!

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curlyillustrator said...

His mischievous smile is priceless! I was just thinking about picking up embroidery again as an illustration medium to try. This looks difficult. Was it very hard?