Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Haste Ye Back!

And can you guess where we were?

Yes, you are correct! Bonny Scotland! Off to a wonderful hotel to be spoiled by incredible food and pampered by fantastically friendly people. It was painful to leave Penny and Maggie behind, but Maggie stayed with Leanne, Dave & Molly (they didn't want to give her back!) and Penny was having fun at camp with her friends. We pick up Penny today and she meets her new sister!!! About 8 hours of driving - luckily Maggie is a good traveler. We're suppose to get ice - again UGH!!!

We're quite buried coming home so this post will be short. As you can see I brought my watercolors with. I had planned on taking two days of piece and quiet to paint while Len was off in the field. Well, Scotland had other plans for me so I didn't do as much art as I had hoped. And it also seems that the TSA had other plans for me as well. They searched my bags. They always do for some reason. The problem is that I had put together a very nice box of watercolors (new Daniel Smith ones that I LOVE) and special travel brushes to practice my "craft". They weren't in my suitcase. Normally I would take my brushes with me on the plane but because they looked like metal tubes and not brushes I didn't. When I didn't find them inside the watercolor box held shut by two rubber bans sealed inside a Ziplock bag I figured that somehow I left them on the guest room bed (although I was very doubtful). I came home to find them NOWHERE. Now, there is a chance that our house gnomes took them. You know, those gnomes who constantly steal chapsticks and one sock of every dress black pair of socks you own. Occasionally they swipe other things merely to put them back where I already looked three times. And they do this more and more the older I get. Nasty little creatures!

I'll be posting more paintings with a little info on this very cool Daniel Smith color set and also some pictures during the week. Cheers!!


kerrip said...

Welcome back!
Love Scottish plaid headgear! Can't wait to hear stories about the sisters now that they are united!

Going For Greatness said...

YAY!! You're home!! You were missed! I can't wait to see what kept you busy in Scotland! Love the plaid tam on that lovely lass!! ;)
Here's to a smooth meeting for Penny and Maggie! I can't wait to see pictures of them together!
Welcome home!!