Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Ta Da List

Ok, ok, so it is suppose to be a monthly "Ta Da" list like my dear friend Kerri posts. Compared to Kerri's monthly achievements, I'm a slacker, a big ZERO. So, since the human mind has an infinite capacity to rationalize, I'm going to present my "Ta Da" list for ... the year. Hey - Kerri and I are just not on the same time scale. At least I'm not on a geological time scale, or even worse, an astronomical time scales (billions and billions...)

So, before providing my, ummm, yearly, "Ta Da" list, I will rationalize why my list for the entire list is shorter than Kerri's monthly list. I had a few, er..., "diversions." Not that Kerri doesn't have hers. She has big crazy makers at work and home and lots of family. She is generous and does NOT know how to say "no".

I find my biggest diversions are trips (I'm not physically home and get behind at work, farm, & home), when I have visitors, or executing a big time sucking project (i.e. fighting our reassessed property taxes, finding new commercial farm insurance, an unexpected must-do-immediately project at work)

A second reason to provide this list is to prove to all of you that if you believe you don't have time for art, you should realize that you do if you really put your mind to it. I plan to do some posts on "squeezing time in for art" at a later date. I always thing that I have so much to do, but have friends who make me look like an under achiever so I know that I don't have that bad of a schedule. So here are my major diversions this year (so I can rational why I didn't get as much done as I'd like):
  • Unplanned rush 150 page scientific paper for completely public release
  • Week long work trip to sister lab to work on 2760 page joint report
  • Wedding shower, etc.
  • Italy trip
  • Family visitors
  • Wedding, etc.
  • Invited speaker to international conference (another rush item)
  • Family visitors
  • Big Vintager's event on our farm cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Championship CDI
  • World Vintage Cup trip
  • Mom's 2.5 week visit and trip to Maine
  • PUPPY!!!!
  • Scotland
These are just the "biggies". It doesn't include day trips hunting Penny, weekly Penny lessons (5 hour round-trip commute), dressage shows, meetings with tax collectors, appraisers, insurance people, etc. It also does not include the projects started and not completed. Like my 1000 page report at work that I'm still battling with to document a ten year series of experiments in a way that someone can pick it up, read it and be able to execute a similar project on their own.

Now please note, that some of these "diversions" were parlayed into art. The first of my tips for squeezing in art: incorporate art into your commitments. This is how I got back into art after decades of saying I was too busy. I still couldn't psychologically justify taking time to do art for myself, so I got into doing greeting cards - they were "art" for others and there was a deadline. This worked for me and was the start of my renewed artistic path.

So now for the "good" stuff.
Whew! These are the major ones. As a minimum, I try to balance at least one diversion with one item of art. Sometimes it even works!

So there you have it. I feel that I have made a huge breakthrough this year. The break through came into being through color, performing "quick" art and gagging my inner critic...most of the time ;). My red gloved lady alter ego has taken me far. We'll see where she takes me in 2008. You are all welcomed to be part of the journey! After all, I couldn't do it without you!! Thank you for a wonderful year!


Anonymous said...

I just love your "Ta Da" lady. She's beautiful. She says confidence to me.

Keep up the beautiful work, Deb!

Love d

kerrip said...

You, my dear friend, absolutely SOAR!!!! ... and you could not possibly ever be called a slacker, no matter who you were compared to -- and if I had your life, I cannnot imagine how I'd manage to fit in art (although I am sure you'd help me!!). Bravo!!! And if your list is shorter than mine, it's because you should be including things like pleasure travels - Italy, Scotland, among your creative endeavors. They fill the well, and they are an opportunity to have artist dates with yourself - admiring new countryside, shopping in evironments that inspire you creatively, etc.