Sunday, November 18, 2007

Inspired Me Thursday: Gratitude

Where would we be without our friends?

One of the most touching gifts of my entire life is from my wonderful friend Kathryn. We were together at our latest biennial visit (we live on different coasts) and she handed me this beautiful red gift bag. I had no idea what it contained, or even why I was receiving it. Yes, it was a joyous event - I was physically with HER instead of reading email or speaking on the phone. Yet here I was holding this beautiful gift bag in my favorite color. What was it? Well, here it is:

The attached note says: "To Debbie From One of Your Biggest Fans with Love, Kathryn"

I was so touched and moved. I loved them: how they were wrapped, the note, what they represented. I couldn't have a more intelligent, funny, talented and thoughtful friend! They also solved an artistic "problem" I was having. I wanted to change my profile picture and was trying to draw a red-gloved lady "profile". I couldn't get it to work. Kathryn provided my solution - gloves to wear in an actual picture. Something I had avoided because I really don't like pictures of me. But this picture would not be featuring my ugly mug, but these wonderful gloves and the artistic growth that they have represented for the last half year.

Speaking of intelligent, funny, talented and thoughtful friends, I am blessed to have more than one! The first person I wanted to show this gift to was Kerri. She would understand what the gloves represented and would be key in bringing my "vision" to fruition. Kerri is a very talented artist and a graphic designer by profession. I also feel comfortable with her to take pictures of me. Something I just hate!! So I threw on the gloves and she started snapping pictures at our artist date. The sillier the better. After taking a peek at the photos on the camera, I realized I really wanted my glasses on. But then we got the call about Gizzie and I had to leave for the barn. I almost didn't use my profile picture because of it being taken on that sad day. I've decided it does represent what life is - happiness, sadness, highs, lows.

This last Friday I finally not only updated my blog template, but also got my first ever header! Yes, I am easily excited - what can I say? Kerri helped me (translate - she did it) do my header and I love the result. I can now play and change it. You will be plagued with more red gloved ladies - I've haven't gotten them out of my system. Unfortunately I have lost my links but will get around to fixing those and want to add my artwork to my Flickr account. What fun! I am so grateful to Kerri: her support, her humor, her talent!

I have even more to be grateful about: Kathryn and Kerri are not my only intelligent, funny, talented and thoughtful friends! I am blessed with a number. Some who I would not make "public" but whom I none the less love tremendously. Especially one who has greatly supported me after Gizzie's death. My heart felt gratitude goes to all my wonderful friends and fans! You make my life so much richer in too many ways to count. You also inspire me to keep up with my art even on days when I feel I shouldn't bother!!

Where would we be without our friends? Certainly not as rich as we are!


eslina said...

Cool gloves! Yup friends definitely do make life more fun and interesting :D

kerrip said...

I love what you've already done with your blog. I knew you would take my limited knowledge and run with it!! I have also been incredibly blessed to share this wonderful friendship with you. Your support, encouragement, sense of humor and talents - artistic and otherwise - have made my life so much richer... and hey, how did you compress your archives into that little box???

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Wonderful. Boy, would I love to go out with a pair of those on! How fun!

Going For Greatness said...

Omg!! what cool gloves they are!!!!! So perfect and so schnazzy!! ;)

I LOOOOOOOVE the new look of your blog! Your header and profile picture zre fabulous!!
You're ever so right about friendship!

sue said...

What a great gift...friendship! The gloves too.

Bee said...

I love your gloves and your story. Your blog is fantastic.

Unichorn said...

Such a nice gift. And now I want a gift bag too ;)

janie said...

wow, they're perfect and you look ab. fab. in them.

carla said...

Friends are a treasure, especially those who have been with us through our many life stages! I just adore those gloves... and your picture! You look as fabulous as I had imagined! Your blog looks great:>

Anonymous said...

Wow, I go away from checking your blog for a week and look what happens! Dear friend, thank you so much for all the kind things you said about me. You know I treasure you and your friendship. The new blog design is great, and I’m glad you added a photo of you so others know what a riot you are. Wear the red gloves in great health and may they help to inspire your artistic creativity. QK