Monday, November 19, 2007

Puppies on the Brain

Or If you want to really make God laugh... tell Him your plans!

I sat down to do my "Freeform Sunday" and all that came out were inked sketches of puppies. Cute little standard poodle puppies: those cute little puppy noses, those cute little puppy tails, those cute little puppies rolling and jumping and playing. What brought this all on you may ask?

We have been preparing to look for a little sister for Penny. We are preparers, planners, researchers, plotters, yes - anal people. We have been collecting a list of breeders but know we don't have the time to bring a new puppy home at the moment. We'll start to look in January. I'm also just getting Penny into agility and am planning my first competition early next year.

We also have many little "rules" to "help" us with our quest. We want a brown female, on the small side. We're looking for good personality and a refined nose - in both shape and smelling ability. We want a breeder who is close by (less than 4 hours) who we can visit, have meet Penny, and will let us pick our own puppy. That way we can have pictures of the puppy at very young ages and pick her up as early as possible. If we can manage, we'd like a soft coat like Penny, not a coarse coat. We don't want a short docked tail. We are hoping for a puppy who would be as easy to train as Penny but be a bit more cuddly and like to be brushed.

There are lots of fears with getting a second dog. Will Penny like her? Will the puppy like us? Since Penny was such an easy puppy should we quit while we're ahead? Will the next puppy be the puppy-from-hell? Are we ready for the puppy-from-hell? Is Penny ready for ANY puppy?

But that hasn't stopped us looking at websites or thinking about names. I have always like Maggie, but Len doesn't like it. Len likes "Trouble" so we can say "Here comes Trouble". There is no need for me to tell you what I think of THAT idea. The name we both like is Leeloo - yes, like the Leeloo in "Fifth Element." She'd be brave, strong, beautiful and noble. On further thought - Leeloo was frequently in trouble. I recall Bruce Willis' line "when isn't Leeloo in trouble Father?". Uh comes trouble indeed.... It could be a premonition of things to come...

Back to why am I drawing little puppies and naming said puppies. I made the mistake of reading my email. That is usually a really big mistake. There is a very nice brown standard puppy available. She is very pretty and from a well respected breeder. She is already named, she is already12 weeks and looks really big. She's in Florida (or North Caroline). She is the last one from the litter. Which means she probably IS trouble. But I couldn't stop myself from writing a long letter to the breeder, checking out the breeder, hanging out on the computer in case an email comes in (the breeder already sent an email to my friend telling her that she'd be emailing us because we sound like a good home), and looking at her picture again and again. I am desperately hoping that I will be provided a reason not to consider her. See, she is already "Trouble" ;)

As far as plans go, we aren't ready for a puppy. But as the quote implies above, the best laid plans of Len and me... For example, we weren't suppose to own this farm...yet. Our idea was to buy a little farm when we got older which was next to a horse farm. We could watch the horses from our windows without any work or responsibility. So we bought a farm 25 years too early and the friends who bred horses who were suppose to buy the other half of our property didn't. All I can say is that we provide God a LOT of entertainment!! But on the other hand, Len and I just can't ignore a wonderful opportunity when it drops in our lap. Even if it is named "Trouble". ;)

Stay tuned.


Going For Greatness said...

Sometimes 'trouble' can be a blessing in disguise!
I'm SO excited that you're going to do Agility with Penny!! I am a veteran at showing dogs ( Collies in the breed ring) and also Agility ( did it for years with my now, 17 year old dog!!) My 2 year old Jack Russel will have NONE OF IT! Her attention span spreads out to the other dogs at whom she wishes to badger and go after. *sigh*
Go with your gut feeling! If the puppy looks and feels right to you, I say GO FOR IT! Are we REALLY ever ready for our 2nd child ( yes.. yes Dogs really ARE just children in fur coats!)
best of luck on your puppy hunt!! I can't wait to see who comes to live with you!!
If you need help breeder hunting. Gimme a shout. I've got the lowdown for ya!!

storyteller said...

How well I know THIS lesson. Not quite 3 years ago, I decided I was ready for another puppy and started researching possibilities. I've had five dogs (4 "mutts" and 1 purebred Beagle ... never more than 2 at a time), loved them each intensely, mourned the loss as each died at the age of 16 (pretty uncanny if you ask me, but true). Zonker (the last) died in 2001 within weeks of my retirement and friends convinced me I didn't want another dog to "tie me down" so it took me a few years to realize how wrong they were.

After briefly considering a designer "Labra-Doodle", I decided to go for a Chocolate Labrador Retriever instead and began to search in earnest. God had other plans for me :)

If you check either of my Blogs, you'll see that my Molly is anything BUT chocolate colored, but she IS the perfect pooch for me. I hope your new puppy proves to be the perfect companion for all of you :)
Hugs and blessings,