Friday, November 30, 2007

A New Coat for Miss Maggie

I couldn't leave the poor mare with the hole in her head at the top of my blog while I disappear from blog-land for a spell so I'll leave you with a few happy pictures of Maggie and her new coat. We had a dusting of snow today which Maggie found to be very fun! I took lots of blurry pictures of her running around. I caught her at rare moment while she was actually not moving.
Dressed for Success!!!

A girl's gotta look her best

while doing barn chores!

PS: Anni (AKA the mare with a hole in her head) is doing fine. She still hasn't pulled the tube out. Anni was happy this morning until her hay ran out and she realized that 1) she was out of hay and 2) that all her friends were outside. Of the two she probably was more unhappy about the hay but Anni is not amused at all at the moment with the turn of recent events. ;)


kerrip said...

I just can't wait to meet Miss Maggie. Already I love the way she sits with such poodle poise. Have a great trip!!!

Going For Greatness said...

"Mommy! Is Maggie famous archaeologist? Where IS she? Are there dinosaur bones for her to dig up??!"

That was the 1st question out of my 5 year old's mouth upon seeing the photo of Maggie sitting in front of the heap of pine bedding!!
I told her it was pine shavings for the horses to lay down on. It's soft and spongy sort of like a nice mattress for them.

I got a blank stare and she wandered off loudly exclaiming, "WHATEVER!* Rolling her eyes at me shaking her head as if I was a mad woman. Obviously I didn't see the picture correctly as she went into the playroom, gathered her Breyer horses and dogs and started playing ,"Maggie the Mighty Archaeolodog"
She played that for HOURS ( and for my 4 hours of PEACE, I thank you, Miss Maggie! You're an inspiration to true creative PLAY!!! )Oh yeah.. and thank you too Debbie for POSTING THIS!! :) lol!!

ok.. so how was your trip? I MUST see photos IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. LOL ((((HUGS!))))

Gabi and the wacky 5 year old too!!!