Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In Honor of Gizmo

Today we laid to rest our dear Gizmo
The best Nubian goat that could ever grace a barn

She never ate the horse’s tails, leather tack or anything else she oughtn’t
She never climbed on cars or up into the hay loft
She never butted people and would “play butt” other animals
Except for the time She butted Mac, but he very much deserved it

She pretended to be afraid of the dreaded “carnivores” (Molly & Penny)
She hated to be wet, cold or hot
She’d insist that we “fix” the weather when it “broke”

She was the only goat in an “all horse” barn
But She never viewed herself as a horse
In Her eyes horses were merely funny looking goats
She tolerated them all

She was the baby Anni never had
And She would use Anni as an umbrella
She taught Anni to eat dead leaves
They are crunchy like potato chips you know

She loved to go trail “riding”
With Leanne & Lily and Molly & Penny

She loved Lily
She secretly loved Penny
She loved Tess for scratching her itchy spots
She especially loved Leanne
She eventually forgave Len for Her name

We will miss Her wacky run
We will miss Her “upside down goat” pose
We will miss Her

She was the Queen of the farm
She let us all hang out with Her
She had a very happy life
And She made ours happier – She made us smile – a lot

Happy munching in the goat after-life Dear Friend!


Anonymous said...

debbie!!!! this makes me SO SAD!!!!

Love d

kerrip said...

A beautiful tribute. I have seen life on your wonderful farm, so I know that she was well loved and had a very good life, but that is never enough consolation to keep us from missing them. Sweet girl.

Going For Greatness said...

ooo Gizmo!! how Sad to lose such a beloved and comical friend!!
My heart is with you. It's so sad to lose a loved one like that!!

Cheryl Finley: said...

Oh...Gizmo has touched my heart. Thank you for sharing about her. What a sweet heart! She brings a smile to my heart even now. What a blessing to have her...and your other loving animals in your life. I do love them...
Godspeed dear Gizmo :) here's a hug from me ((()))...love you xox..

Anonymous said...

Your homage to Gizmo is truly touching. I had the honor of meeting Gizmo two years ago and she was a real character. Your tribute captures all of her fun spirit. I’m saddened that Gizmo passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but I know she lives in your heart. QK

Debbie said...

Thank you all for your wonderful wishes. Everyone here at the farm appreciate it greatly! Love, D