Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hole in Her Head

No, not me...well, some days I do feel like I have one...

Our poor little mare Anni has had a rough couple of weeks. She has had a problem with the right side of her sinuses. We waited a weekend to see if she had just inhaled something that would work itself out. It didn't. The next step was a trip to the horse hospital, a culture and an x-ray. Antibiotics for a week to hopefully clear up a sinus infection. Unfortunately the antibiotics did not clear it up.

Today Anni went back to the hospital to literally have a hole drilled in her head. That enabled the vet to relieve any pressure, flush the sinus, take a look with a scope to see if the mass that showed up in the x-ray was an inflammation or a tumor, and take a successful culture directly of the infected area to determine which antibiotic will work the best. The vet used a hand drill - an electric one would heat up the bone. Anni has a typical Haflinger head - big and HARD. The vet had to go get a hammer and chisel. There was a lot of pressure that was release and a lot of horrible stuff was flushed out. She was fantastic during the procedure - she WAS sedated, but none the less she could have still raised havoc since you can't traq a horse too much or it will fall down.

Anni now has a tube in the hole in her head through which she will get an antibiotic flush once a day. It will come out of her nose - she will hate it. As you can see, she isn't much bothered by it. She is happily eating any hay that comes her way. We hope it doesn't get too cold or the fluid will freeze. Please send good energy Anni's way. Hopefully she'll have a clean bill of health in 10 days.

I'll be MIA for a week or more. I want to get back to those of you who have been so kind to leave wonderful comments for me. Please be patient and don't give up on me - I'll be back!!


Going For Greatness said...

I will keep her in my heart and I know that Mackie will be thinking of her and wanting to check your blog for updates 25 times a day!!
Give her a soft pat-pat for us, please and an extra flake of hay!
Please let us know how she's doing and update when you can!!
Lotsa hugs!
~Gabi and Mackie too!!

kerrip said...

You and your animals never cease to amaze me Debbie. Poor Anni. I will be thinking warm thoughts for the hole in her head!!