Sunday, November 25, 2007

And Here's Comes Trouble....

I mean ... Marguerite!
(well - part true - Len IS trouble!)
In my previous post "Puppies on the Brain" I discussed our prematurely stumbling upon a sister for Penny - the one who we weren't going to start looking for until the end of January. Remember that comment about making God laugh? Well, he's laughing now. I had a long discussion about her puppy and she was, well, perfect. I couldn't find a single reason not to get her. And I tried really hard! So we picked up this darling little girl at the airport. The minute her crate was lower to the ground on a big lift at the air cargo terminal we were in love. Forever. She's incredible. It was like when we got Okidokie and I felt like I couldn't believe that I now had such a beautiful horse. Well, I can't believe that we now share our lives with such a beautiful puppy! Here's some quick pictures to fill you in. We are a bit preoccuppied with a certain little girl. Oh, don't worry about Penny. She is at "camp" - a planned event from before we stumbled across Maggie. So we can get Maggie settled in before Penny returns to find that she has what she has always wanted: a live-in playmate. I'll have to tell Penny the quote about "be careful what you wish for" ;)

Maggie is already fast friends with Molly!

Maggie's first close up of horses.
She is thinking that they are sure funny looking and need a better hair dresser!

Speaking of Fashion -
Maggie was not thrilled with the only sweater of Penny's that we could find that fit her. We didn't tell Maggie that we bought it at Petsmart and not Neiman Marcus. However, she knew that...she let us know in no uncertain terms that she equates Petsmart with Walmart. Poodles!!

Maggie did hear about our training group...

For exercise that has no goose poop and that is enclosed,
we borrowed the indoor horse arena.

This one was blurry because of low lighting and
Maggie being way faster than my cheap digital camera!
But I LOVE it so here it is!
Len and I aren't impulse buyers. We research everything before we buy and think things carefully through whenever making a big decision like this one. But as I said in the previous post - you have to be open to the gifts the universe chooses to drop in your lap. Even if it does not meet your "timing". We are so happy with our new little girl. She is fantastic in every way. Joyce Carelli, her breeder, is incredible and has fantastic poodles that have won awards in many canine areas. And luckily Joyce has a good sense of humor and puts up with us owners ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, she's adorable!!!!! I absolutely LOVE the picture of her running to Len. Looks like she's already part of the family. There's no going back. :)

Love d

storyteller said...

Wow --- I'm so happy I found your Blog and I'm sure I'll return often. These are marvelous photos and Maggie and Molly are adorable :)

I have a Molly of my own. You can see pix of her at Small Reflections and Sacred Ruminations. She'd love a "live-in" playmate, but because I have a small yard, she "settles" for romps at Dog Beach (a couple of times weekly) and occasional visits to Camp Ilene (when I travel). She's lucky to have Lab friends two doors in each direction from our house to play with "in-between times" and, of course ... she visits with all the folks (and fur friends) passing by our house going to and from the beach.

Now, I'm planning to read a few more of your posts before I have to move away from the computer and on to other tasks.
Hugs and blessings,

kerrip said...

You and Len are amazing - which is another word for crazy perhaps, but still, amazing. I cannot imagine this adorable girl was the last of the litter but what a lucky girl to have landed with you and Len and big sister Penny. I was busy with my newsletter and then holiday weekend and home chores so I am just catching up online --- geez you exhaust me!!!

Going For Greatness said...

What a gorgeous little girl!! Congrats on finding your forever home, Maggie!!
When perfection falls in your lap, the only thing to do is look it in the eyes and accept it!!
Congrats on your gorgeous puppy! I hope that she and Penny become best friends! I can't wait to see your sketches and watercolors to come!!

Anonymous said...

Debbie, I am so in love! What a wonderful little (?) chocolate poodle. Miss Maggie May is a great addition to your family. I hope Penny the Perfect Poodle gets along with her (I’m sure she will, although there may be a bit of jealousy at first). I’m so glad for you and Len that you found Maggie and decided to go for it! This just adds to the fun. QK