Friday, October 12, 2007

Studio Friday: Deadlines

What would you regret not having created before you die??

Are the things you do and create now going in the 'right" direction? Are there things in your studio/creative space you would want to change?

Wow, this is one that I actually acted upon several years ago. I was going to save returning to my art after I retired. Didn't have time for it with my family, work, farm, critters and music interests. Then I had a nasty surprise. I was having problems with my vision. I found it difficult to work on very tiny projects. I had problems driving at night. I unexpectedly found out that I have deposits on my optic nerves that with time would affect my vision in a big way. This was my "wake-up call" to change plans. I could do my music love or even ride a horse without good vision, but not my art. I changed my priorities.

So, am I going in the right direction? I'm working on determining that at this very moment. I've gone from making greeting cards to following my creative "roots." I've designed some very fun handmade books and will continue to do so as gifts for my friends. I tried to make my books into a commercial venture. It didn't work.

I've been into collage. I enjoy it, can create pleasing pieces, but most don't connect very deeply with me. I started playing with ATCs and had some real fun. I started to return to what pleased me instead of what I thought people would like to receive. Lately I've changed to doing more of my cartooning and illustrations. These make me happy and people are responding well to them which also, silly as it is, makes me happy.

I think I am going in the right direction at this point in time. But like all of life, art is a process, not a destination. All I know is that I need to make time for art and keep "showing up at the table." I also need to stop judging my work, stop having a strict picture in my head of what I want to make which never meets my "standards". I am letting my art "lead" me to where ever it is going to take me.


Anke said...

That must have been a hard time for you finding out about your eye light, I hope it doesn't get worse fast and you can spend many more year creating art. Your words in the last paragraph are so true and if I let myself go into the process , get a part of it, it's for me always such a relaxing, energizing and sparkling experience, it makes me happy for sure.

kerrip said...

I particularly love the shading in her dress here!!! And I am so glad that you changed priorities and moved art to the front burner, even if the reason was not what one would hope for!!!! ... and your comment about me going on to something else is of course too true- and I laughed - only you know my creative self that well. I will certainly tire of painting soon enough, I'm sure!!! I've stolen time this afternoon for more painting!!

Anonymous said...

One of the best things about your blog entries is the narrative you write to accompany your art. I was touched by your story of re-ordered priorities. Your red-gloved lady has a confident elegance I admire; this is reflected in your story about where your art is taking you. As Rick Nelson said, “you got to please yourself” but in so doing, you are giving your viewers great moments too. Thank you. QK

Going For Greatness said...

Love her ruby red lips and her blonde tresses! she Looks like she's about to belt out a famous opera song!
When you've blogged a long time ( which you have) and use it as a sort of portfolio. You'll be amazed when you click on the archives and see how your creative journey has been. I am lovin' this!!