Sunday, October 28, 2007

Studio Friday: Orange

Well, I just HAVE to follow up with my "control" over 11 orange pumpkins. Here's them on "the wall."
First I will tell you my lessons learned regarding pumpkin carving. Even as a veteran carver I discovered some new one:
  1. Don't gut the pumpkins and wait 5 days to carve them. Why? They get moldy, some get soggy, others get REALLY disgusting.
  2. Don't use your Exacto knife when you can't find your bag of custom pumpkin carving tools because your walk-in-pantry is the definition of entropy. With an Exacto blade, you don't realize that you are putting tiny little cuts into your finger tips until you realize that isn't red mold streaking your pumpkin.
  3. When pumpkins are mush, they are really difficult to carve - especially when you can't find your pumpkin carving tools.
  4. HAVE your husband sharpen the kitchen paring knife BEFORE you carve 10 pumpkins - it is true what they say about it is easier to hurt yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one. Or is it that you don't notice that you've cut yourself with a sharp knife until you realize you need a transfusion? Well, anyway - it is way easier to cut out the patterns on 10 pumpkins when your knife is sharp. Oh - and don't wait to ask your husband to sharpen your paring knife when you are starting on pumpkin #9.
  5. Don't carve 10 pumpkins by yourself if you lose your pumpkin carving help (it would have been 11 if Len hadn't felt sorry for me and done one.) Even my artistic advisors deserted me.
  6. It is difficult to continue typing that over 1,000 page report at work when you have several of the tips of your fingers in band-aides. My brandy-new computer key board is still very touch sensitive because it doesn't yet have bits of my lunch wedged between the keys. And FrameMaker doesn't have an auto-correcting-spell-checker feature. Bummer.
Yes I was in TOTAL "control" carving these pumpkins. It sounds that way - right?

I did try to break out of my usual patterns and create some new patterns derived on my recent art work. Here are the "highlights".

Inspired by "Who's your Mummy":

Inspired by my Red-Gloved-Ladies:

Inspired by "my poodle-girl":
Note: I unashamedly stole ideas from my pumpkin pattern book substituting the cat with the poodle - after all, poodles are part cat!

I have improvements to make - of course starting with freshly gutted pumpkins being at the top of the list. Please feel free to contact me and I'll send you a PDF of my patterns. I only ask one favor in return for this artistic sharing - send me a winning Lotto ticket... er... no! I meant to say: please send me a picture of your creation!! Seriously! May it look better than mine does. And don't forget the bits about the Exacto blades and the paring knife! ;)

PS: Thank God for Photoshop - I could remove the blood stains from the patterns ;)


naomi said...

So glad you posted the pumpkin carving tips, will come in handy .......... thanks.

Stacia said...

Awesome work! That sounds like quite a feat, carving all those pumpkins.

Happy Halloween to you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome carving on the pumpkins!!! They came out fantastic!!!

THanks for the carving tips too. :)

Love d

kerrip said...

In spite of the wounds you inflicted upon yourself, these are wonderful. I love the designs, and this blog post is totally entertaining!!!! Great job!!

Going For Greatness said...

Your pumpkins ROCK!!!
Hey.. next time gimme a shout! I'll drive over and help!! I'm the pumpkin carving Queen!! I carved 9 of 'em and would have kept going if I had the time! HAHAH!!!!
SO.. ya hear me?? Next time, "You just call out my name and you know wherever I am, I'll come runnin' " ( hey isn't that an old James Taylor song??
heh heh heh

Anonymous said...

The end product of eleven carved pumpkins on a stone wall is certainly an artistic accomplishment, but I think the narrative of what to do (and not to do) to create this art is worthy of a prize! You really crack me up. I wondered about gutting the pumpkins early, but thought maybe your weather wouldn’t contribute to the “fuzzies” that I get in the warmer California weather. I guess not! I love the way Who’s Your Mummy turned out, and your homage to your Red-Gloved Ladies and the pumpkins highlighting Penny are all so Debbie. Thanks for the delightful laughs. QK

Anonymous said...

Your creative energy astounds me sometimes. I can't muster enough enthusiasm to carve one pumpkin and yet you carve nine! Glad to see that Len did his manly duty and did one. -TB