Saturday, October 27, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - Trick or Treat

"Cereal" Killer
You know what they say about that next door neighbor who you later find out has assorted body parts in his Frigidaire: "but he was such a nice, clean-cut neighbor!"

Well, you GOTTA dress up if you are going trick or treating!! Every year Leanne and Dave have a terrific Halloween party. I "made" this costume for Len to wear. Yes, it is silly, but so are we. ;)

We were asked to bring food to the party so we brought this with:

Molly "cheering" us on!
And what did I dress up as?
Well, a police woman dragging that bad guys butt's in of course!
I ALWAYS get my man!
PS: I did what I should have done before I made the costume - I "googled" "Cereal Killer" to find out what was out there. There is a rock band, a cool blog, and I found a kid's costume site that has a great cereal killer side kick. Ah - a good site to get ideas from NEXT year. There you have it. I have the mentality of a child. Well, all my friends already know that!

Pooped Puppies!


platinum blonde said...

I love your "cereal" killer costume, what a cute "hot dog"hehe!

Deb G said...

I'm not sure which picture made me laugh the most... sure wish I could get my dogs to wear costumes.

Anonymous said...

Damn Deb - you were HOT in your little getup!

I LMAO over Len's costume. How hilarious!!

Did you get your man at the party? Any table dancing we should be aware of?? :)

Love d

kerrip said...

You guys put the HA in Halloween!!! I love Len's cereal killer costume. I am going to steal that idea if we ever find ourselves crazy enough to go to a dress up party again. And anonymous is right you are a hottie in your "catch the bad-guys" costume!!!!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

cereal killer... too funny!!

Going For Greatness said...

That is just SO FUNNY!!!
Love the Cereal Killer costume! Penny looks less than amused... her face says it all!!
My cat wore his jester collar.... the dogs, I left alone this year. I dunno why but I just didn't get to them this year. I'm sure they sat, braced for whatever I was going to torment them with, but had a sigh of relief when I left them alone! HAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

What fabulous Halloween costumes! Len’s “Cereal Killer” is such a good pun, and you make a fabulous looking Policewoman (Angie Dickinson eat your heart out!). Penny is such a cute “hot dog” and I love Molly’s Cheerleader costume. It looks like Leanne had another successful Halloween party. I appreciate you sharing the photos. QK

Anonymous said...

It looks like you, Len, and Penny had a great time dressing up for the party. Len's costume is extremely creative, as is Penny's. I have to agree with QK that you look HOT in your outfit; no more hiding your attributes in vintage clothing from now on! -TB