Sunday, October 21, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - Control

Or lack there of?
Don't touch the horizontal,
don't try to adjust the vertical -
I am in CONTROL of the pumpkins!
I was feeling sorry for myself this morning. Every year we do at least nine pumpkins or more for our stone wall leading to the farm. I have mentioned before, we just LOVE Halloween! But my usual pumpkin carving helpers are either sick, out of town, or both. My beloved 86 year old Mom is a bit past the pumpkin carving stage. So I said to myself - "My, don't YOU have a bad attitude, so snap out of it!" After all, I usually am the one who picks out the pumpkins, and the one who guts them all, so I might as well take control and carve them all myself! The day was absolutely gorgeous - 70 degress and sunny. What would be better than to go out and gut a bunch of pumpkins to ready for carving?

My Blank Slates
So what am I going to do with these babies? Well, first things first, gut them out and get them ready for carving! I have a number of "standards" that I do everything year - mostly characters from the "Nightmare Before Christmas" - don't you just LOVE that movie? It is is nice to have several people carving the pumpkins because you get a nice variety of pumpkins as you can see in the next photo. (Mine are the three in the top right.)

Pumpkins of Halloween Past
But this year will be different This year my only helpers are Penny, a bunch of very noisy geese, and a few horses who rather eat grass than comment on my pumpkin carving plans. My Mom and Penny watched me using the timer for the first time on my camera to take the first photo. My Mom is probably thinking that all those years of education went awry somewhere. Penny just regarded it as the usual nonsense that her humans do instead of something important like playing with or feeding the Poodle!

My Only Artistic Advisers
So I got all the guys gutted and then I got...carvers block! Having complete control is fun - but also very scary! Now what? I think that I am going to do a departure from my usual carving. I want to try to do some of my red gloved ladies. I will be doing lots of Halloween posts for the next week so keep checking back for some more Halloween silliness! I'm just full of it! ;)

My Pumpkin Patch of Blank Canvases Prepared for Carving!
I want to get all these pumpkins done before Leanne and Dave's annual Halloween party this weekend. So how am I going to get it all done? No worries, I have it all under control...I think... ;)


kerrip said...

you are a nut... but of course WE already knew that. I love the picture with the timer!!! I wouldn't want to run into you on a dark halloween on the farm!!!! and I don't think you have carver's block, I suspect it's exhaustion. Look at all those gutted pumpkins!!! Can't wait to see the finished works of art!!!

Patricia J. Mosca said...

This post was a LOL!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!
I am sure you have it under control... GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

Silvia said...

:-) wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, you and I share the same delight in Halloween. I ALWAYS carve a pumpkin, but I can’t fathom doing nine of them! You are amazing. My pumpkin for this year will be a stylized vampire. It will take me at least two hours, with my Golden Retriever supervising. I’m sure with your double-fisted knife wielding approach you will get nine phenomenal pumpkins carved in less time than that. You are my inspiration! QK

kimberley said...

Got me laughing out loud, which always causes my cat to look at me with that disdainful "oh. my. god." look. Good look with your pumpkins!

Alessandro said...

beautiful location, do you live there?
Love this post with pumpkins!

katy said...

This made me LOL and get into the spirit of halloween. You go girl!!

Spontanity said...

Realy nice post!!!!
Greetz from Holland

Nicole V Lozano said...

What a fun read. As far as your artistic advisor, did they come with related credentials or just really good taste? ;-)

Going For Greatness said...

OMG I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad there's someone else out there who buys 100 pumpkins and carves them all sorts of funky and fun!!! I though I was alone!! HAHAH!!
I wish everyday was Halloween!!!