Thursday, October 04, 2007

Illustration Friday: The Blues

The Mare Sings the Blues

I've been out of town so I'm a bit late on this week's entry! I decided to take the opportunity to colorize one of my cartoons. I don't know why Anni is singin' the blues, perhaps because she is stuck with Mac. I decided to have her join the red glove society. I have the original sketch and pencil work below.

This is a completed pencil version of the original doodle. I put together a bunch of my horse cartoons into a book I made for a show a few years back.

Here's the original sketch. Silly as usual. I love my horses!


Anonymous said...

I love your rendition of Anni singing the blues. The tilt of the head really invokes the action of singing, and of course the attitude, accentuated by the red gloves and boa, screams “Diva.” It’s also interesting to see the process you go through from conceptual sketch to finished product. Nicely done! QK

janie said...

QK is right, a real diva, a blonde bombshell, Marilyn Munroe eat your heart out!
The composition is perfect, the way the piano lid frames her works beautifully.
Bravo, encore, standing ovation even:)

kerrip said...

It takes real talent to be able to sit a horse on a piano and make it look realistic as well as whimsical. I love this. I agree with Janie that the piano top frames her perfectly.