Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Count Macula
wishes you a
Haunting Halloween

You remember this guy I painted back in August? Putting my "art" to work for me! You can't tell from the scan but this card is comprised of 3 layers to make it very 3-D. If I would have thought of "Who's your Mummy" before I had these made up, I would have made her into a card as well!

I choose Halloween as my holiday for my alternative holiday card. I already did one holiday this year: Chinese New Year. However, I sort of missed 2006 totally so I figured I would make up for last year!

I made two types of cards: this one for my "horsey" friends and one with a witches' hat which was made out of ATC cards I bought from a very talented artist whose website I can't find at the moment. They were very colorful and let me pick all sorts of fun color combos for backgrounds.

I was silly enough to wear a bit of a costume to work today. I figure I can get away with strange clothes - I'm a scientist after all! Luckily our Washington DC section head was here last Wednesday and not this Wednesday! ;) Due to security reasons we can't take pictures at work, but here's one snapped in front of one of those pumpkins. BTW my finger tips are all healed up ;)


kerrip said...

I love this picture of you. You look like on smart and stylish witch!!

janie said...

Kerrip is right, you're a very glamorous witch. And Count Macula looks very dashing!

Going For Greatness said...

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch??" hee hee hee!!

Love "Count Macula!" that ROCKS!! Ahh.. Halloween is my absolute FAVOURITE day of the entire year. I'm so obsessed that my studio is all Halloween/witch themed!! FUN STUFF!!

Anonymous said...

You look darling in your Halloween costume; I love the hat and the spider web decorated top. Very appropriate. I’m glad to hear your fingers healed. QK