Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Witch - Bad Witch

Here's my sketches for an ATC card that I just couldn't get to work. I was going to have it to be two sided with "Good Witch" on one side and "Bad Witch" on the other. I'll post the successful set after I've mailed them out.

Good Witch

Bad Witch


kerrip said...

I truly love your sense of humor, and I don't understand what "didn't work" with this??? Of course, I love the other witches too, but this is very funny and well executed.

DEW said...

The part that didn't work Kerri is that the resulting images were just too small. Or I just have an execution problem...

Anonymous said...

I always appreciate the way you incorporate humor into your art. I love the concept of the bad witch; with just a few strokes your audience instantly “fills in the gaps” from a shared popular culture. I think this is a winner! QK

Going For Greatness said...

Dang! I was wondering where my mother disappeared to.. Seems that you've dropped a house on her!!
Could NOT resist! LMAO!!
My mom's gonna spank me when she sees this post!
NA NA NA NA NA, MOM!! ( yep my mom is a lurker... !!)