Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ATCs: Halloween

Am I a good Witch
or a bad Witch?

Or a bad good witch? ;)
The only thing that I wanted to do differently with these ATCs was to have a hand with a single red gloved finger to the side of her mouth in a pose of mischievous contemplation. There wasn't quite enough room to make it look right.

The rest of the "girls"
I almost didn't do this challenge. I wanted to continue my current "style" into my ATCs. I've had lots of aborted attempts. I did a couple of ideas that just didn't work some of which I already posted: waste not want not! Translating my girls to the smaller forum was tougher than I thought. I did all those digital ATCs and they looked great - on the computer display, larger than actual. When I reduce the entire figure down to fit on an ATC they are really little. Or my eyes are just bad. Or both. I didn't think they worked in the small format at all.

Kerri already picked here favorite (the top one) and I'm mailing 4 of the 6 out for our ATC exchange. Our group does three but I always make an extra for the hostess. Which is your favorite? I like those with more tilt to their heads. I had a bit of trouble with placement "control" so I couldn't get the tilt I wanted on all of them. I used my Xyron to put adhesive on all three pieces that make up my lady witch and the fabric hats were a nightmare. Once I took the backing off they curled in and tried to stick to themselves and of course everything else. The marble paper is thin and was also unruly. As I tried to work with those, the adhesive kept sticking to my fingers and pull off the paper. UGH! I like also like the eyes the best in the one Kerri picked. Reminds me a bit of Princess Di. I draw and paint all of them by hand so each one is different. I hope everyone likes her!


kerrip said...

Which witch is which? As I got a sneak preview, you already know I love these!!! Happy Halloween!!

Going For Greatness said...

Oh and HOW could I choose ONE? They are all magnificent!
Lovin' your style, girl!!! I wish I had been in that ATC swap!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kerri that the witch (a definite good witch with a touch of mischief) you featured is my favorite, but the middle witch in the second row is also great. I love her smile and the windowpane print is beautiful. QK