Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Working on Eye Perfection

Those of you following my artistic journey know that I have been working hard at trying to go from my favorite, comfortable medium of pencil (with an electric eraser) to watercolor with a bit of pen for detail and NO erasing allowed.

Sunday night I tried my hand at translating my eyes into watercolor and pen. I'm finding it difficult to get the same warmth and depth as the pencil sketch. I'll keep working at it!! I think the last one is the closest although I think it needs a bit of the first one (with the white background) in it. UGH!! Back to the drawing...I mean painting board!!


Anonymous said...

I think your horse’s eye studies in watercolor are very well done. I particularly like the softness of expression in the middle image. All three images have warmth, in my opinion. Good job! Q

Going For Greatness said...

Love the colours around the eyes and you NAILED the eyelashes PERFECTLY!