Thursday, September 20, 2007

Studio Friday: The Beginning

Today I was spending the day reshooting some old art with my new camera. In the process of digging through the tombs I ran across some high school art (which was a few years ago... quite a few). I would like to see others childhood to high school art; just to see what has stayed the same, what has changed. Did some find themselves returning to their creative beginnings? - Ascender

Thanks for the great topic! I was horrible as a child - I threw everything I did away because it wasn't good enough. Luckily my Dad saved some art work. Here is a few to let you see where I came from and I guess it confirms that my humor has been twisted all of my life!

4 Years Old

The story is here about how my Dad "rescued" my art from the garbage.

6th Grade

I started the "bird" series taking an idea off of a match book cover. I have a whole series of "named" birds including little stories. This is a sampling:

Doodles from the same time period. A strange child...

This opera singer was from my twisted brain.
The VW crew was from a little "story" I created based on a Raid commercial.

7th Grade

Here's Paul, although George was my fav of the fab four!

Some "serious" art.

Doodles from 7th grade French and math classes. The one on the left is a cartoon of our French teacher. We hated her.
The one on the right came from my head.

Another doodle from math class in 7th grade.
No wonder I almost flunked algebra!
I drew horses A LOT. But they didn't get saved. This looks like Mac ;)

Here is part of a story called "The Pumkin".
I didn't post it all - I don't't want to spoil the ending!

A note on the "serious" art. I really wanted/want to be a "serious" artist. I started writing something on this topic in my journal earlier this week before I saw the SF topic. I will post my essay later when I finish it. Amazing how it tied in with this topic. It is also interesting that I found the phrase "I consider this very ugly" written by me in 7th grade on the back of the pastel picture of Paul McCartney. I had a very well-developed inner critic even back then!! That is why all my art ended up in the trash. What is ironic is that tucked on the other side of folder from that same pastel was an award from my 7th grade art club teacher. What injustices we do to ourselves!

In answer to Ascender's last question, I guess I went back to my creative beginnings. I hadn't done art since high school when I chose science over art so that I could hopefully make a living. My skills degraded. I've only tried to regain them in the last couple years on a very part time basis. So looking at where I am now compared to then, I still struggle with my inner critic (but I'm winning some of those battles now!), I try to do serious art now and then without much success, and my successes continue to be my cartoon animals, shapely women, and my over-all crazy sense of humor. Humm...I've been in a time warp - not much has changed ;)


AscenderRisesAbove said...

that first image is simply delightful! (I have a drawing from second grade - the only piece of my very early art; and I can still remember creating it.)
Like your dad I have pulled my children's art out of the trash - they don't know it but I have a foot locker for each filled with just drawings. I keep thinking that would be a great project - to pull them into a scrap book -- but I don't want to cut them up and I don't want to put glue on them or punch them with holes.
(coloring books should be banned don't you think?)

Ouissi Gresty said...

These are fabulous...I love them!!

I wish my mum would give up ownership of our stuff from when we were kids but I doubt it will ever happen!! She kept so much ;)

Ouissi x

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the framed artwork you did when you were four years old when you posted it a year ago; I remember thinking then, and still am amazed now, how talented you were (are) at such a young age. Your current sense of proportion and whimsy were clearly evident even then. I love the bird and animal caricatures and the VW “bug mobile” art. Your serious art, particularly the lion, is really nice, again showing your keen sense of proportion and texturing. I wish I had created a cartoon of my French teacher, Madame White for posterity (we hated her too!). We’ll have to swap stories! Speaking of stories, I want to know how The Pumpkin story turns out. I think this shows that your inner critic should have taken a back seat from the very beginning. I’m so glad your dad rescued these works. QK

Krissie said...

Youre so lucky your early work was rescued, what a wonderful personal art history archive to own!

steve said...

Love this post!! It's always a joy to see people like yourself start getting back into art-making. Please know, the whole "serious art" thing is, as the British might say, rubbish. Seriously, you do the type of art you enjy doing, be it humorous, cartoons, realistic, abstract, or a little bit of all that, and mainly, do it for fun and for you. Check out the site "Drawn!" for a great post about a businessman living in NYC who just celebrated his tenth annivarsary doingthese funny, crazy little doodles and writings on the back of business cards. He's ammassed thousands of them by now, and they all aren't very serious at all, but beneath the quirkiness and humor, there is some mad wisdom going on (and some excellent advice in the interview, if you've got about an hour to spare).

janie said...

Yes Dew the evidence is conclusive, you were born Quirky,
I love quirky btw.
these are a delightful insight into a very talented, imaginitive and humorous young mind.
Wish my parents had been as carefull with my young masterpieces !!:)

kerrip said...

Wow!! I've seen the first piece before, and I still love the horse as main character, looking skyward -- even if this isn't anatomycly possible, it works perfectly, and the assortment of critters certainly indicates that you had a sixth sense about living on a farm - or close to nature eventually. My favorite is the pumpkin story. I love the glimpse of her behind that huge pumpkin, and the fierce determination of carving --- I am guessing that you may finish the story on halloween. You HAVE always been an artist!!!!!!!! (I knew that already, so glad you've figured it out!!)

Anke said...

Thanks for sharing your beginnig, I think it's just great! Luckily your dad saved them all for us!!!!! ;)

Going For Greatness said...

Wow this ROCKS!! I sure wish I had writings and art from my childhood. My parents never kept any of my 'stuff'. It makes me mad sometimes because I made a book in 2nd or 3rd grade that I SOOO would love to give to my girls! *sigh*
I think this is SOOOO COOL that you have artwork that goes way back like that. I can see some of your style even in your earliest posted piece.........