Sunday, September 02, 2007

More from Freeform Sunday: Marilyn

I realized that I never posted this one from last week! Today being Sunday - I worked on more freeform and also an Edward Gorey inspired background. I'll be listing those through this week!

Marilyn decided to join the Red-Gloved Society this past Sunday. Another figure that just came out of my brush. I sit down with no clear idea where I am going. I believe that Marilyn came from the AMC's featuring Marilyn's movies this past week. Don't ask me what she's up to. ;)


kerrip said...

Love her, Debbie!! I particularly love your method when creating these, where you sit down with no clear idea in mind of where you're going. It adds a freedom to your work that is very refreshing. I think I may have made a similar comment before, but it's true!!!!

Anonymous said...

You said you didn’t know what Marilyn was doing. Why, she’s being Marilyn (the thing she always did best!). I love the homage (and you know I’m a Marilyn fan). QK

Going For Greatness said...

Ahh Debbie I know what she's up to! She's contra dancing! hee hee hee!!
I think her red gloves are regal and schnazzy!!
Keep up the great work!!