Sunday, September 23, 2007

In Retrospect: A Profound Truth

This “Freeform Sunday” painting has a dual meaning. It was inspired from a past “Inspire Me Thursday” prompt regarding our dreams. I realize that I’m living mine and more. I also will be away from our farm for over a week, so I’ll be there in my dreams!

As I had mentioned in my Studio Friday post, I had been traveling down memory lane in a different way earlier in the week. The following is what I had written in my journal before the SF new topic. Amazing how consequences happen!!

How many times has someone said a “profound truth” regarding who you really are? I got thinking about this in a round about way early this week. My inner critic has started mumbling again. For the past couple months I have successfully ducted taped her mouth shut and trapped her in a sealed box. Unfortunately it appears that she has worked the duct tape loose.

I am truly happy with my red-gloved ladies. I am rarely truly happy with my art. I can count the times on one hand. Of course, once that tape was loose, my inner critic blurted out: “
so what – they are merely bad attempts at fashion illustration by someone who can’t paint – you did better work in high school.” OK, so I need to go buy some gorilla tape.

I have already mentioned I always wanted to do serious art. Steve gave me a great comment back on my SF post (thank you Steve – your art and attitude is amazing). My journal gave a reply to Steve before he even asked the question – amazing eh? I’ve realized in the last year that I’m
not destined to be a “serious” artist: I should embrace my silly nature and go fourth and create.

Now, I’m finally to my original thought - thought I never get back to it - ye of little faith. The first spoken profound truth regarding my essential being that I remember was in 6th grade. The person was a 2nd grade teacher and head of the drama club. He was young, handsome, and all the girls had a severe crush on him. I was trying out for a dramatic role in a school play. I had played a minor comic bit part in a school play, but I wanted to be the female dramatic lead in the next. It was at this point in my “dramatic” career that Mr. Matheson informed me that I was more of a “Peter Sellers kind of character.” You can imagine how that crushed a homely, skinny, 13-year-old girl and I wasn’t at all happy about this comment at the time. However, this comment has stuck with me all my life. Not at all in a bad way, requiring hours in the company of a trained psychoanalyst, but because it was a "profound truth" of my essential self. I hadn’t appreciated this "profound truth" at the time it was offered. I can’t even tell you the exact moment at which the realization struck me.

Mr. Matheson’s comment was not only a “profound truth,” but the experience hinted at my destiny. Why, you may ask? Because I did get the dramatic lead, but the play was then canceled. In retrospect, a sign if I ever saw one! So I am indeed destined to become the Peter Sellers of the art world! And I am at peace with this. I may be "seduced" to "serious art" now and then, but I am happiest with my cartoons. You are indeed correct Steve!

So what “profound truths” have people said to you in your life? Did you immediately recognize it? I'd love to "hear" them!


Going For Greatness said...

DUCT TAPE works wonders! ;) lol!
Your art this weeks reminds me of Mackie dreaming about Mac. She often say she dreams about horses, so this one fits her perfectly!

We are our worst critics. We always will be. This is just human nature. I think it's a good thing. It keeps us constantly striving to better our creations. A true artist does what he/she wants and nothing more. Art is an escape from and also a vessel to our deep subconscious. If you are happy with it, that's all that matters. Period.
Nah... I dunno if I've ever had any profound truths or enlightenments(that I remember). I am odd I guess! LOL

kerrip said...

Bravo, thunderous applause, catcalls and whistles!!!! Yes, yes, yes. You absolutely need to embrace that which you do best, and your red-gloved ladies are sexy, fun, whimsical, smart, sometimes ironic, and essentially YOU!!!!!!, -- which is why you, and everyone else -- loves them!!!! -- including me, of course.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Your image is powerful and evocative! I like it.

And I enjoyed your text as well. Wrestling with the inner critic. It seems to be the artist's destiny. Damn it anyway.

I'm glad you are living your dream Not many people get to do that.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this blog posting. It really resonated with me - mostly about living your dream.

Anyway - I absolutely agree with what everyone said here - you need to continue doing what you do best - and your red gloved ladies are wonderful!!

I think you should frame this one and put it up somewhere to remind you of your talent and the fact that you ARE living your dream!!

love d

Anonymous said...

Your dreaming red-gloved lady is wonderful. I’m so impressed by your ability to tell a whole story in such a condensed fashion—the sign of a true artist. I also appreciate your narratives. I can’t recall a specific instance of a “profound truth” but I have had people in my life whose very faith in me elevated me to accomplishments I never thought I could attain. Two elementary teachers stand out in my mind for believing in my abilities; the week I graduated from college I went back to my hometown and personally thanked these two teachers for inspiring me. QK