Monday, August 20, 2007

The Red-Gloved Society

I am beyond hope. I have not only decided to stick with my red-gloved lady, but I'm giving her friends now. There is a bit of fate involved here. I LOVE red. Even when I wear other colors, I will sneak in red somewhere. I have at least a half of dozen red gloves myself and red shoes and boots as well. It is my signature color. So I am extending my signature color to my new art style. I am creating the "Red-Gloved Society." I will continue in my "rut" until it runs it's course. I don't know where I am going with this. Just going with the flow.

While on travel, I picked up a copy of Vogue. Why did I do this you ask? Well, the airport's bookstore didn't have a copy of the 6th Harry Potter, so I could re-read it before reading the 7th. Quite a leap from Harry Potter to Vogue eh? I saw Winona Ryder on the cover in a dress that was definitely an inspiration for my red-gloved lady. There were some other funky styles enclosed in between the covers that would be great jumping off points. And unlike Winona (who is, by the way, starting over at 35 according to Vogue), I paid for the magazine and lugged it with me on 4 airline flights. I kept the copy well hidden from my male AND female colleagues since any self respecting scientist certainly doesn't peruse Vogue! Or at least doesn't admit to it ;).


kerrip said...

So Vogue is like "scientist porn"? and Wynona Ryder is starting over. That must mean she's finished with shop-lifting. Maybe she's going to go on to grand theft auto or robbing banks! As you know, I am a huge fan of all your "women folk" so keep going with the ladies. You capture fabric flow and female poses so well!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have to remember, gentlemen do prefer blondes! (I actually watched this movie on AMC last night—it still holds up after 54 years.) I really love the haute couture you mastered in your free-flow sketch. I think your red-gloved lady has a classy friend, just like I do in you. Keep up the creative energy. QK

DEW said...

Ha! scientist porn - quite funny Kerri. I ALSO watched that movie last night on AMC. Timely posting!! Thanks all for the wonderful comments! XOX

Going For Greatness said...

Ahh! She's so elegant! BUT I do think that she needs a red-headed girlfriend named "Gabi" (Oh! did I say that out loud!?) LOL!!
YOu do know, Redheads really are the ones who have more fun ;) But I'm not partial or anything... *ahem!!*
Hee hee hee!!
AKA- The Red Headed Harbinger of the Apocolypse ( it's true!!)