Sunday, August 12, 2007

Play With Your Food

Between company, work and doing all the food for Len's shooting party, I have had little time for art. However, when preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for over 20 people for Len's party this weekend, I decided to sneak a little art in. The first is a happy little whale holding fruit for the taking.

I put flowers in the little guy's blow-hole and, for those of you who want to know, the eyes are watermelon seeds held on by straight pins.

I also made a bird out of meat, cheese, and veggies to spruce up the cold cut tray. Unfortunately, my dear friend rearranged the original and I had to put it back together. You can still make out most of the bird.

My reassembled bird did not look as good as the original, however I am very glad that she moved things around. She got me to think outside of my box for the next time. I will make the body of the bird like I typically do, but make the wings and tail out of the rolled lunch meat. Everything happens for a reason! The other cool thing is that I had always put the bird on a separate plate and put the meat around it. Unfortunately no one wanted to "ruin" the bird by "eating" it's parts. This time, because she put the meat on the same tray, the bird mostly got eaten. Another good thing! Shows how we need interactions with others to get us out of our self created ruts!!

I'll be out of touch for awhile. I will be out of town for work. I am making a big presentation and I HATE presenting: I still get stage fright - you would think I would have grown out of it by now! So my advice to you until I come back - PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD...and create some art!


Going For Greatness said...

Adorable whale fruit basket! OMG that's darling!! I think I need to play with my food a little too!! I would be worried about eating anything and spoiling the cuteness!!
Good luck with your presentations! Don't sweat it.. take a deep breath! I can't wait until you get back and blog about it!!

kerrip said...

Hey there friend, I hope that your trip and presentation go smoothly. Love the artful food. I can't believe you managed to do all this along with everything else you had going on!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks AWESOME! -d