Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Freeform Watercolor for Miss Mackie!

For my most special fan -
may she always follow her dreams!

This is a watercolor done in freeform style with small details added in pen. I'm getting quite happy that I can pick up a brush and draw mostly what I want. This freeform exercise is definitely helping me!!

Because Mac's mane and tail is white, I had no choice (at the moment until I get smarter) but cut the pair out and back with a paper. Again, the scan takes away from the iridescence but I will figure that issue out some day as well! The background is a bit too dark - it needs lightening. I wanted to get this posted before I went to bed so I rushed it a bit. ;) I'll touch it up over the weekend and repost. Have a great day!!


kerrip said...

I love this, and I think the background is perfect, but maybe in person it is darker. As it looks, I would not lighten it. The colors of this piece really work together, and the composition fills the canvas perfectly. I may have to commission a Max painting!... and I don't want to assume that I am worthy of the title most special fan, but if so, thank you for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I just love the expression on Mac’s face and the gracefulness of her arched neck. What a nice representation. There’s a symbiosis between Mac and the bird that gives life to the piece. You definitely are getting the free-flow exercise down! The proportions and sense of flow are right on. Great job! QK

anna barrow said...

Superb illustration! So sweet!

Valaine said...

I am so in love with this! There is something very special about these two sweet characters! :)

Going For Greatness said...

I LOVE THIS! Of course Mackie is enamored by it as well! 1st, she just adores anything to do with Mac.......she's his biggest fan! 2ND.. Mac and a BIRD! She's in awe, loving every brush stroke and when I read to her that this was done with her in mind, she blushed and got all sorts of shy! She LOVES it and keeps asking me to look! "Mommy can we look at Mac? Can we mommy?"
Hmm I'm thinking of buying a web cam and sending it to you to set up pointing to Mac 24 hours a day! This little girl would sit here watching him, every second!!
This is just gorgeous and we're giddy with delight at the thought that you made it with Mackie in mind!!!
Gabi and Mackie too!!