Monday, August 27, 2007

Freeform Sunday: Edwardian Ladies

Last night during Freeform Sunday this Edwardian lady popped out of the end of my brush. I guess because I've been thinking a lot of our upcoming Edwardian 4 day world side-by-side championship event in September which translates to 6 Edwardian outfits. I collected the outfits I'll be wearing and now have them mostly packed. The really cool thing is that my wonderful friend Kathryn and her husband will be coming to the east coast for the event. Have you ever met someone and felt like you've known them all your life? That is what happened with Kathryn and me. We've spent perhaps 3 weeks total physically together and spend our time emailing, yet I feel as close to her as a sister. I'm very excited to be seeing her. She has many talents and puts together the coolest Edwardian outfits. I can't wait for the fashion show. I'll make certain I bring my watercolors with to capture her!


Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous. I see she has red gloves. :) I love the hair - it looks full and soft, and I love the colors in the skirt. She reminds me very much of you in that one blue Edwardian outfit you have. You're beautiful in that outfit!
Love d

Anonymous said...

I love your Edwardian lady so perfect in her period dress! You did a particularly good job with the play of light and shadow on the material. It gives you a real sense of opulence and flow. Very “La Belle Epoch!” Love you back, QK