Saturday, August 25, 2007

Count Macula

Tails from the Crypt
Sorry, couldn’t help myself ;)

Friday I realized that there has been an obscene absence of ponies on my blog. So I have strived to remedy this heinous omission! So I’m back to pen work, but I didn’t use pencil first. I'm being "good." In fact, this time I used a sharpie because I couldn’t find my permanent art pen. I am still trying to keep a sense of “freeform” feel in the watercolor. Still using my cheap paper that doesn’t allow me rework. I’ve also decided that I will work some little red item in each piece – a thread to my red-gloved lady.

Edward Gorey fans may recognize this composition and this marks another departure from my usual style in an effort to continue artistic growth. I’ll fill you in on this in a future post – stayed tuned.

Remember how I’ve decided to make cards for different holidays? This year I chose Halloween. I hadn’t planned it, but as I was painting up Count Macula I thought he’d make a cool Halloween card. I already bought some cool witch hats ATCs from an artist on eBay that I was going to use for my Halloween cards. But now I’m going to add this guy for my horsey friends. I’ll color laser print off the Count and probably use some papers for the casket (I'll also reshape the casket a bit) and the lining. Add a little handmade red bow tie and I should have a fun card!


kerrip said...

Not sure that Mac would appreciate being placed in a coffin, but this is great anthropomorphism!!!!! love it...and thanks for sharing the inspiration via email. It does explain this piece better and I know that you're not plotting Mac's demise!!!

Anonymous said...

Count Macula looks eerie enough to be included in a Halloween card! I love the moustache and the red bow tie. Nice touches!

I totally groove on your bizarre sense of humor! Thanks for sending me the inspiration for this sketch. I appreciate your twisted mind, and I always enjoy the visual joke!


Anonymous said...

This totally fits Mac's personality - like he's playing a big joke on someone and his devil inside is coming out.

Most amusing!
Love d