Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bubbles Butt

Okay, okay, I promise this is the last red-gloved lady. Well, perhaps not. I am so addicted to her! She is becoming my new alter ego!!

This one is a bit of a play on words that many people won't get. Perhaps none. Perhaps none will want to. A quite old mid-western term of endearment was "bubble butt". It was meant to be sweet. Okay - stop looking at me that way. I didn't make this up! People were just really different back then. Or a bit sun-stroked from being in the corn field too long. Or my parents totally made it up just to embarrass me. No matter. I like her and her bubble butt and her bubbles. ;)

Vote: I kept changing her name back and forth between "Bubbles Butt" to "Bubbled Butt." So, do you like "Bubbles Butt" or "Bubbled Butt" better? No - you can't vote for neither. If you feel that way you just aren't getting in the proper frame of mind. Remember - Insanity is a Terrible Thing to Waste!!


kerrip said...

I love her, and if you feel compelled to make more, just do it!!!! But about the title -- an old Mid-western term of endearment? Really? I thought it was a caucasian version of ghetto booty, which I do believe is an appreciative phrase, in any event.

Anonymous said...

My vote - Bubbles Butt.

I'm not tired of seeing her - bring it on!

She's a lovely lady.

Love d

carla said...

I like her! I would actually just call her "Bubble-Butt." It's a term of endearment, so it works as a name:> I love the fun you've been having with this gal, and I loooove the poodle below. So cute! And... you have an amazing garden! I hope the roof work is finished soon!

Going For Greatness said...

I think she rocks! As do YOU!!!!
See my blog ... I have nominated YOU for "ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER" Status!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, now I’m starting to get an inferiority complex. Bubble Butt looks just a bit too much like yours truly! The long red hair and the obvious profile look mighty familiar ;->. I really do like your red-gloved lady; she has tons of personality! BTW, I like “Bubbles Butt.” -QK