Thursday, August 30, 2007

Backgrounds: Window View

More of my new artistic technique foray. This one is inspired from August 23rd of the Edward Gorey 365 day calendar: "The Glorious Nosebleed."

Penny sits like this all the time - with her front legs crossed. Something she has done since a puppy. We always joke about how she sits on her cushions like a little princess. I had to resist adding a crown!

I didn't use a pencil on this one. Of course it is a much easier background than Bon Voyage! I still need to work on straight lines. I refused to use a ruler...

I wish I had scanned this before I added the "curls" in. I'm still working on my cheap paper so I couldn't rework it once I added the curls. They made Penny look too dark. I layered some of the iridescent gold over the top but it just made it muddy. I had to stop before I really messed it up. I am rather pleased how the background came out. I feel like I'm finally taking a small step forward! The original has some real depth to it that the scan didn't capture.


Anonymous said...

I love it! It really captures Penny's attitude when she's sitting there - you can tell she feels like a princess, even without the crown! I was thinking I really liked the curls on her before I read what you wrote.

As for the straight lines - my thought is - there's a time and place for straight lines. Your type of art isn't really the place for the kind you draw with a ruler. You get the depth and perspective in the piece without having a straight line. If you get them too straight, it will look weird!

One other thing - I loved the rich color of the cushion she is sitting on - fit for a princess for sure. :) I wanted to crawl on there with her!

Love d

Anonymous said...

Penny, being true royalty, doesn’t need a physical crown—her crown is always there in her regal bearing. I love Penny’s position in the piece, and the footed hassock is perfect! I think you did a great job of capturing the perspective of the original background and I like the fact that the colors are lighter and not as oppressive as Gorey’s work. I like Penny’s curls, too, just the way they are. You did well and I can see the improvement in your backgrounds. Keep up the good work. QK

janie said...

With poise like that there can be no doubt about Princess Penelope's royal lineage.
the background works beautifully, congratulations, the Gorey inspiration is really working for you. That little bit of pink sky in the corner coupled with the rich cushion does give it lovely depth of feild , it draws your eye in, or something!

ValGalArt said...

Wow! Really wonderful and you sure did capture Penny in all her regal glory! I love the red settee too!

steve said...

He he, how charming. I love how you add an extra dose of personality to your animals. Two paws up!

Going For Greatness said...

The 1st things I see are Penny's eyes and her crossed paws! I am LOVING this! What a fun piece!
What do you owe to a straight line?
There are no needs for straight lines. This is free-form art... it'd look 'wonky' with anything done with a ruler. I love that you work free-form, it gives your pieces movement and texture.