Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wedding Starbook

Well, it is about time that I post some art. I "stole" the wedding starbook from the newlyweds and snapped a few pictures. Here's "dolls" of some of my favorite character renditions. This book (see photos at end) was on the attendant table at the wedding so all the pictures had to be snapped quickly at the rehearsal. Every time I make a similar book I improve upon it. For this one I didn't "back" each figure. I think they look better (unless they are turned around). Perhaps I can paint the backs. Next time I am going to create my own "skin" paper by sampling skin tones into Photoshop, print the paper out and adhere it to light cardstock using my Xyron. Then I will cut all the arms, etc. out and have it blend together. I don't want to lose the whimsical look of them, but I think I'll like the end product better. I showed it to Len before the wedding (my toughest critic) to see what he'd say about HIS doll. All I got was "why do I have pointy fingers?" Husbands!


Anonymous said...

I love the book!! It is beautiful...and such a cool way to showcase the people in the wedding. I think you did a fabulous job - especially considering how late you were up doing it!!

Love d

kerrip said...

I just think this is such a wonderful and personal way to capture whimsical memories of a wedding.
...and tell Len his fingers are pointy so that he can give you a good back scratch!!