Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Today I got to catch my breath and made both the wedding "board" and the wedding party book - as far as I can get it that is...the heads on the people inserts are missing. I will snap pictures of the entire wedding party at the rehearsal tomorrow, Photoshop to get heads of the correct size, and glue on the heads. I'll post pictures of the finished product. Right now it looks pretty funny with no heads!

This is a good time to post a few pictures of all the "power" we had on the farm. Lots of people have been helping out and here is a sample. I don't have everyone because some are camera shy, others were around while I was out in the pond scooping scum sans camera.


kerrip said...

okay, that boat full of pond scum looks so gross. But I love your farm crew. You are the brain power behind it all woman!!!! (that's a good thing!!)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have a picture of the mower guy with his shirt ON! I'm surprised you didn't ask him to take it off for the picture. I'm actually surprised it already wasn't off! That picture is SO much more funny now that I know what you think... :)

Love D