Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Freeform: Poodle Energy

I've extended the "big brush" watercolor followed by pen to one of my favorite subjects: Penny. This is in response to a comment on my previous freeform work that mentioned there was "energy" to the approach. So I was trying to capture Penny's energy when she sits at heel waiting to be released onto a mark (translate: thrown bumper). She's contained energy at the sit, posed for action. I feel I succeeded in her body, but not in her face. Her face is peaceful, not "radar-locked" on the mark she is going to explode after for a retrieve. Her head also needs to be down and out more from her body. But since part of this exercise is not to "edit" but to create and display as is...here it is. I have lots of improving to do.


kerrip said...

I agree. The pose is poised for action, and it even looks like the tail is tightly wagging in anticipation, but her face does look a bit calm and less determined than her body. Still, I love it.

Paola said...

Your freeforms are great!
I really feel them energetic, creative, spontaneous and powerful, but...with style.
Thanks for your kind words, I'm also glad to have discovered your wonderful blog :)

Pattie Mosca said...

I see this in a childrens book...a story about Penny....HUMMMM could be on to something! I think it is just great!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're doing some art again, even if you're going through an artist block. Good for you! d