Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Back Into the Water

This past Sunday we finally got all the scum off the pond. Lee brought his bigger boat over so we had two on the pond scooping. In spite of gale force winds we got it ALL done. It looked great! It was beautiful!! It was fabulous! Did you notice yet that I'm using the past tense? Are you wondering why? OK wise guy, you think you already know what I'm going to say. Yep, the scum is back - in force - florescent green algae blooms all over right behind ... the pergola & ceremony site. I feel like the woman on Kerri's blog. So back into the pond I went. I'm into damage control right now. I couldn't even bring myself to snap a picture of what my formally pristine pond looks like now. They put up the tent late this afternoon and at least that half of the pond still looks good, well at least today!

I'll scoop as much scum as I can tomorrow morning and then I have to stop. I have horses to feed, dresses to pick up, garbage to take to the dump, weeding to finish, lunch to make for a gang of helpers, a get away car to decorate, overnight company to welcome, a rehearsal & rehearsal dinner to attend, a wedding party book to finish, a bridesmaid hair style to sort out, and a batcherette slumber party to throw. That doesn't count my list for Saturday. I'm getting even more tired just thinking about it! Well, I'm headed to bed...I need the sleep. ;)

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kerrip said...

wow, this probably isn't the time to ask if Scott and I can renew our vows on the farm in August? (only kidding)-- besides, Scott's version would be to catapult me like a clay pigeon and take a shot.