Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here Comes the Roof

The Monday after the wedding our roofer came to put a new roof on. The one that was suppose to go on BEFORE my perennials came up in the spring. He was going to show up a month before the wedding and we delayed him until after so that the flowers would look great. So the roofer comes, and the flowers...will probably be flattened. Luckily they are starting in the back so I can enjoy my front gardens a little longer!

Notice in the second picture you can still see the tent in the background. Keep your fingers crossed for my poor flowers.


Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for a "safer" completion of the roof install!!!


Going For Greatness said...

OMG at least they didn't have it partially done DURING the wedding!! *GASP!*
Wow what a big undertaking that has to be!! How long do they anticipate it to take!?