Friday, July 27, 2007

And Even More Freeform

Here's a couple more from Sunday's "session". As you can see I'm revealing all, even the creepy ones. The second one reminds me of ET. Must be something about the neck and the head. Hummmmm, perhaps I should stick with my electric eraser!


kerrip said...

NO ERASER!!!!!! All of these freeform illos have such an energy about them. You can feel your pen and ink moving quickly and capturing a moment, and this is pure TALENT!!!!! I don't see E.T. at all, maybe a tramp, but not an alien. I love these!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your drawing of Penny Queen of the Nile! Did she make you bring a barge to the training session? Just kidding; I know Penny is becoming a real water baby. Fun sketch (the head piece is perfect)! -QK