Saturday, June 30, 2007

What the Heck is a Pergola?

Leanne ask me if it was OK if Dave built and put a pergola on our property for the wedding ceremony. I immediately said "yes" - after all, how could I say "no" to the perspective bride and groom? My immediate next thought was "what the heck is a pergola? Ok, I guess I'm just a simple girl from the midwest so I didn't have any idea. Turns out that a pergola is merely an oversized trellis. Dave ordered plans and he built this gorgeous pergola with Leanne's painting help. Now I am "in tune" to the pergola scene and can be very smug that I think that Dave and Leanne's is way nicer than any I've seen (that is now that I know what I'm looking at). Here's some pergola building and installation tips for you all. Enjoy!

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kerrip said...

Okay, I just learned something new too. My first guess was that a pergola must be a temporary dance floor that they were going to assemble on your lawn, as I've heard of Pergo flooring and I thought the first picture looked like a potential floor. And it IS a beautiful trellis. I love it's placement by the tree and the pond...
and the flowers are wonderful too. How come you don't do that when I come to visit?? haha