Friday, June 01, 2007

Stuck in Italy

No, not like that (which actually wouldn’t be a bad thing!) – artistically stuck.

Yes, it is a total bummer to go to a fantastic workshop in Italy with a fantastic instructor and end up totally and completely – stuck. If you wonder why I’ve been procrastinating on showing you my work, this is the reason. Here I showed you my “great ideas” using my "eye-con" and my “eye” border all ready to tackle that personal shrine. Instead I totally choked.

This first photo shows my try at my background, which I test-drove on the cigar box lid.

I then worked in the box. It looked even worse!

Then after some advice that sometimes you can have an idea that just won’t work and you have to let it go. Other times there are such things as “possessed” canvases that do not allow any good art to be placed on them. After this encouragement, I completely painted the inside of my box black and started over.

This last photo is where I went with it. I used my symbolic figure from the tarot deck – Queen of Swords – and decided that at least I would learn something and play with a structure (raised background). I figured if I was going to make ugly art I might as well learn something.

Ah – you think I am being too hard on myself, that I am exaggerating, that I’m blowing the entire situation out of proportion? Well, let me present the evidence.
  • Exhibit A: Claudine came by and exclaimed “why is it every time I come by you are mixing a flesh color?” Good question and I had no good answer.
  • Exhibit B: When we had a visitor come to observe our work, she was directed to look at everyone’s “wonderful work” at our table – except mine. And with good reason!!
So, there you have it. I was stuck making sucky art. At least I had a beautiful view and wonderful people around me.

I wanted to leave my shrine in Italy – do a Keri Smith “guerilla art”. That way I didn’t have to look at it again. My husband wouldn’t let me. It will probably suffer an "accident" in my art room. :)


samhains said...

Oh yes the alien dress again :) I've always liked that one. I like the lady with the sword. Very..pagan, or celtic. She looks like the one of swords card from a tarot deck.

Nice job :)

kerrip said...

Wow. How can you survive that personal critique??? I'm going to come over and bury your internal critic in gel medium and horse hair. I was not at all dissatisfied with what you had started, but I totally related to the possibility that, having invested so much in the trip and the expectations, they might not be able to live up to the real experience. I could totally imagine choking (like in the months before our show!!!)
love you and your art!!!