Thursday, June 28, 2007

Okidokie is Oki-Dokie!

He's BACK! After surgery, 6 months of stall rest, Okidokie is back showing! It has been a slow recovery and hard work for both him and Leanne. I saw Oki do things these last six months that I've never seen him do before the surgery. He would get totally frustrated because in his head he knew what to do, but he still didn't have the strength to do it. He is such a good boy and has an incredible work ethic, but he would get really mad when his body wouldn't do what his brain wanted.

We started showing him 4th level in the middle of May. For you non-dressage types, the levels are: training, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th; followed by the FEI levels: Prix St. George (PSG), I1, I2 and Grand Prix. What you see in the Olympics is Grand Prix. Before his surgery, Oki was training solid I2 and showing I1. It takes a lot of strength to perform at the upper levels.

This last weekend he went PSG for the first time since his surgery and he got a qualifying score!! Not bad for a horse who couldn't canter in both directions in January!! His canter work wasn't the best because he just doesn't quite have the required strength yet. Leanne rode him conservatively and did large pirroettes so not to stress him. Better to score lower than to strain him. His recovery has to be done correctly or he could become injured. We want to keep him sound and happy!!

So far the shoulder looks great. **knock on wood** He hasn't stepped a lame step on it since the surgery so things are looking good. **vigorous knocking on wood** Please keep your fingers crossed for Leanne and Oki!!

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kerrip said...

This post actually made me cry. He is a beautiful, graceful, wonderful boy and so lucky to have so many good people caring for his well-being and "career." What great news. Thanks for sharing!!!