Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tag - You're It in Italy

I guess sooner or later I need to start showing some art eh? After all, I spent 7 days at an art workshop. Claudine started off showing us all color theory in her fabulous way. See my posting on the Sedona workshop for details. We were able to mix any color we wanted from red, blue, yellow, white and black - a real plus seeing we wanted to keep our supplies to a minimum due to airline and train rides.

We did a mini "True Colors" exercise where each table of students made a book out of tags. We picked 2-3 colors, made our "cover" tag and then each person exchanged with another and had to follow the color of the "cover" tag. As you can see I'm still stuck with my symbolic alphabet of Amadeo Modigliani heads, but I also used some of my Debraeo Wacheliani heads as well. I didn't provide pictures of all the other ladies wonderful tags - I forgot to ask permission! But they were fabulous! The one in the upper left hand corner was the one I picked the colors for - the others were picked by my fabulous table mates! I had a fantastic group!!

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