Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Room with a View

We arrived in Florence airport after flying from New York, to Chicago, to Munich, to Florence, losing only one piece of our luggage. With all the flying I've done, I've only "lost" my luggage once (knock on wood) unless I'm flying with Len. Len has a tendency to suffer lost luggage over 50% of the time. Ironically, the single piece of lost luggage was his. You spot a trend here?

Happily, the small Florence airport had a luggage claim employee who spoke very good English. Our Italian is pitiful. We filled in the forms while she checked on the phone for us. We were waiting and I noticed her staring at us. That prompted her to say she was not use to seeing smiling people in front of her window. I cheerfully told her that it wasn't her fault our luggage went missing (I was thinking it was Len's bad luggage Karma) and that we were smiling because, after all, we were in Italy! I was also smiling because, even though Len makes fun of me, I always have extra clothes in our carry on with some laundry supplies so that we could travel for a week without a problem. I travel with the knowledge that I could become separated permanently from checked luggage and plan accordingly. Especially when I travel with Len!

We hit a cash machine, got smaller change, and caught a taxi to our hotel. I was VERY happy not to be driving in Florence! We got to the hotel early - 10am. To our amazement, our room was ready! Wonderful - time for a nice nap before heading out! And what a room it was! The room was smallish, but it had a 2 level balcony bigger than our house deck! Just beautiful! I've posted a small number of pictures. We also had a wonderful view of the Santa Maria Novella church in the Piazza which was being renovated and could see the hills over the river. Spectacular!

Update - I found my pictures of Santa Maria Novella!!


kerrip said...

Ignore my email. I am an idiot. I apparently hit the wrong button - the little mail symbol instead the comments symbol. duh.

Anonymous said...

I love your story of Len's bad karma. I'm sure that Scott would suffer a similar fate.


Going For Greatness said...

Omg bad luggage karma!! *GASP* Poor Len!