Sunday, May 13, 2007

Napoleon "Complex"

One last post on our stay at the Hotel Santa Maria Novella. I can't believe that I ended up with so many posts on this hotel - I typically do none, but it was so different!

The day we checked out we decided to wait in the "Napoleon Room" for a bit before we left for the train station. You can see why it is called the "Napoleon Room". Why this Italian Hotel felt compelled to have a French room is beyond me!! It was a fun little room with a large coffee table filled with art books and big books on Italy. It also had a guest book so I definitely had to sign it and put in a little art. Pitiful compared to all the incredible art we had seen for the last three days in the museums! Len is standing next to the desk with the guest book.

I realized I have very few other pictures in this time period. We went to museums and they did not allow any pictures. I bought books for each. I will need to take a few sketches out of my book and document the museums best I can. I was a bit negligent on taking pictures while walking in the city.


Anonymous said...

What a kick seeing the photo of Len in the Napoleon Room! I loved your comments and drawings in the guest book, too. The nicest thing about you guys is you leave a bit of your warm selves wherever you go. I’m sure the hotel enjoyed having you two as guests!


Going For Greatness said...

Looks like a fun room! I am glad you've been documenting the trip! I get to see little things and learn things that I never would have!
I love how you signed the guest book and left your mark!!
Sounds like you had some super adventures!~