Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cortona Workshop

Enough of Florence for now. We hopped aboard a train to an incredible Claudine Hellmuth workshop in amazing Cortona in the heart of Tuscany! The first picture is the view of our studio that was on the grounds of our hotel - the Hotel Oais. The second picture is the view out of the studio windows. Some view eh?!? The hotel use to be a monastery and was used during the war as a Nazi headquarters. You can understand why since the hotel has a great overview of the valley (and a great wine cellar.)

It was wonderful having the workshop at the hotel. You were right down from your room so it was very convenient. We also did not envy too much the oil painting class that was also in our tour group. Yes, they left every day to go to wonderful places to paint - but with all their equipment on their backs! We lazily walked down to our studio area carrying nothing but a cup of coffee, or in my case, a bottle of water. The workshop was as any Claudine Hellmuth workshop - fantastic!! The organizer of the tour, Patrick Mahoney, is incredible and we highly recommend any Toscana Americana tour!!


Going For Greatness said...

How lovely!! I would have LOVED to have been on that tour! ESPECIALLY since the Hotel has a history with WW2! (My obsession!)
I am glad you had a grand time!!!
Missed ya mucho!!

Samhains said...

You lucky So and So..Thats a nice hotel :) Great pics.