Sunday, May 13, 2007

The "Bat Cave"

Everything in Italy is beautiful! Case in point - our breakfast table was beautiful. Somehow I didn't take pictures of the breakfast room but it was fabulous as well. However, I found that some things were beautifully, and totally, well, strange.

Case in point - the internet station. The Hotel Santa Maria Novella had a computer hooked up to provide free internet to its guests. On our last day, I decided to seek out the said computer to look for news regarding Penny and her stay at "camp" while we were gone.

I went to the 1st floor (our basement floor) where it was located by the exercise room. I truly thought I stepped into the twilight zone. There was a very long dimly lit dark rosey painted hallway with dark wood doors. Everything looked new and very clean. I walked down the carpeted hall looking at each door and the further I walked and twisted corners the more I felt like I was really in the wrong place. I kept going and was ready to give up and I found the internet station. It was the oddest thing - set in this stone "landscaping" jutting out from the wall. At first I thought it was a spa or something. As I walked to the eerie looking computer I found myself on top of clear glass tiles and about 18" down there was a layer of sand. Vertigo temporarily struck!!

I had to take Len down to show him it because he'd never believe it! I really wonder what the story was behind this "design". I put it to my reading public to come up with ideas and leave them in the comments!! The entire thing left me speechless!


Anonymous said...

This is totally strange - why the suspended floor? I have no idea what the designers were thinking.

Going For Greatness said...

Hmm they wanted to make you, perhaps, feel like you were IN the old-fashioned wine cellar?? Or maybe it WAS the old wine cellar that they wanted to show off??
VERY odd but kinda kewl!!
Oh.. maybe they didn't want it to feel 'warm and fuzzy' so that guests didn't spend a lot of time ON the computers down there???