Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eye'll be Seeing You!

I'm off to my workshop with Claudine Hellmuth in Italy! I'm very excited about it! Between cleaning up after the shower, some unexpected business rubish, work and everything else, I created a border for my personal shrine. It is a composite of the eyes of my loved ones. Well, at least the ones I have electronic pictures of! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Tesh and Doreen at the shower. What was I doing? Oh - I was making nachos and making certain that Leanne did get stressed out... Well, at least I have sort of an excuse but I still can't believe I don't have one. UGH! The border is half inch high and I have about 34 inches of it to wrap around the cigar box that the shrine will be constructed in. It will be fun! Strange how many animals I have in the collection. I'll tell you I had one heck of a time getting photos of the ponies and Oki. It was near dinner time and they were a lets say a bit distracted.

Well, off I go and will "see" you in May after I get caught up after the trip!

Here's some altered versions of the border. Lots to choose from! I think I like the last one the best - it is "fresco" artistic style - appropriate!


kerrip said...

these are awesome... and I see me in there. Of course, I recognize Len and Penny and the kitties and the horses. I think I see Wayne and Phyllis, but the rest are a mystery. How fun this will be!!!

Going For Greatness said...

This is cool!! What a neat idea!
Hey! Have fun in ITALY!! I'll be thinking of you!! I've never been there and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!!
ps - I get compliment after compliment about the Eyecon Charm you gave me!! I've sent a few people your way!

Samhains said...

Your going to Italy?!?! bitch..LOL Just kidding..can you take me with you?!


Enjoy Italy I have never been there. lucky you.

Don't sit next to the guy with the turban and box cutter....

Oh and I just got to tell you this if that ever happens.,,even on the ground, Take your sweeter, coat or what whatever and rap it around your arm, like your training a dog to bite, and use that to deflect the chacers, or leather arm cuflets..whatever..any ways ..LOL enjoy the flight...