Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shhhhush - It's a Surprise!

Bridal Shower "Book of Wishes"

Tonight I finished a "Book of Wishes" for a bridal shower that I'm throwing at my house on Saturday with two of the bride's bridesmaids. I'm, now don't laugh, going to be one of the "dog-bearers" because the bride wants her fabulous dog in the ceremony. And since the said dog is Penny's best friend, Penny is also going to be part of the ceremony! Len is the other dog-bearer of course. I'm giving this book to the bride at the beginning of the bridal shower and everyone can write their wishes in it. It can also go on the gift table at the reception for all the guests to add their wishes.

The bride's color is periwinkle and silver accents. Her theme is wild flowers and butterflies since the reception is going to be on our farm. I had a tough time finding good components to make a personalized book like I did with Celtic "Book of Wishes" in my "Wedding Book Trio". The bride has simple/elegant tastes and doesn't like gold. All her jewelry is white gold and all the wedding accents are in silver tones. The problem is that all my fine Japanese papers are heavy on the gold accents. I found this paper that still has some gold in it, but is more understated. The only butterfly beads I could find, of course, had gold. Inside is a beautiful mulberry paper with blue/purple accents. The binding is a double needle Coptic in periwinkle waxed linen thread. It came out better than I expected since I'm use to working with paper that is so fancy in itself, the paper "makes" the book. In this one, the design and execution is what makes the book work. This was a departure for me and a growth experience!

Remember - until after Saturday - MUM'S the word!


Anonymous said...

The book is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get a closer look!!

Can't wait to see you!!

love d

kerrip said...

Absolutely beautiful Debbie. I'm sure she'll love it!!!