Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Necessity to Play Harder

I had a fabulous artist's date with Kerri last Friday before the snow trapped us. We did a variety of things but what inspired me till after midnight was the stuff I learned in Photoshop. Kerri is a whiz at graphic design and fearless with Photoshop. She graciously offered up her Photoshop expertise and "co-piloted" my playing with a number of topics. I have Photoshop Elements and not the full blown expensive version. But happily we found that we could do everything we wanted to do in Elements, just sometimes under different menus from what Kerri is use to with the top of the line version.

I found my biggest problem with Photoshop was I did not press the envelop more and play hard enough. As Kerri talked me through some issues it was not a hard and fast recipe, but a "try this and see what it does". She suggested trying things I would have never tried for a particular task - the results were marvelous. She is also one to push the widgets to their extreme limits. I was way too timid. What was my problem? Was I afraid I was going to "break" something? How silly!

I work in an industry that is buried in rules and regulated to the hilt. We also have all the corporate policies and training to make everything "politically correct" which is a oxymoron because if you try to not offend anyone, anywhere, you better not do or say anything. And probably someone would find that offensive. Why has my train of thought derailed to this topic? Because it just struck me that this "culture" is affecting my approach to art - in a very negative way. I have constrained my own artist approaches because of the work culture I am immersed in. And it is time to stop! As I sat and reflected on this discovery this morning I could see in how many ways this affected my artistic approach. So I am turning over a new artist leaf as of today!

After Kerri left on Friday I started playing with my backing card for my charms. I started playing and came up with something I like. Kerri had me play with the opacity on my large "eye-con" and I really like how it worked. I got the colors to work the way I wanted but then had to play with printing because my cheapo color laser printer isn't true color. After a number of tries I had a color combo that worked with my glyp charms. I made all the cards and affixed the charms the charm swap - 15 in all with one extra for my pal Gabi. Then I wanted to send a card with the charms and thought - I have all those extra "trial" backs! So I cut them up and ended up making 15 note cards (well, it took me a lot of tries to get the color I wanted). The photo shows the finished product. Gabi confessed of loving the color orange so I picked one of the cards with more orange in it.


kerrip said...

I love the insight you gained about your work culture!! What an aha moment. I think that, as tactile artists, we also forget sometimes that the computer is much MORE forgiving than our hand-arts, because you can UNDO!! So glad you had fun. Me too. I love the magic eraser tool!! Blogger is not showing photos today so I can't see what's displayed on this right now!!

kerrip said...

Hi Debbie,
Forgive the second comment, but yesterday google was wreaking havoc on my computer and I could not see this fabulous photo of your charms/cards. I love them. Great photoshop treatments!!!!!